The LA Victory Garden Project

What is a victory garden? Historically, a Victory Garden was a wartime vegetable garden developed to increase food production—especially by home gardeners. Farm LA’s take is simply a space to supplement your and your neighbors’ groceries and boost morale and build community. We’ve been doing this since 2014, on sidewalks or a vacant piece of land. Now it’s time to rally the community we’ve so lovingly built to help activate Angelenos all over LA in growing food for themselves and their neighbors.

Please know that we take gardening and privacy very seriously. We will not share anything here except your first name and ZIP code. After registering, fellow gardeners can contact you by clicking on the message icon, but they won’t see your email address unless you reply to their message. We’re encouraging you all to do your own vetting, share your social media/linkedin profiles, and pictures of the space you have in mind, and schedule a zoom first so you can get to know one another and discuss how you won’t be using pesticides, your individual skillsets and capabilities before meeting up.

Help start a Victory Garden… do you need a hand or land?

We’re all here to grow and share food while making LA a greener place. Below is a bulletin board of LA gardening enthusiasts so far.
• Start by filling out the below sections with the necessary information and then click to read the fine print.
• If you’d like to contact an interested participant you can click the message icons  next to each name to start a conversation.
• Utilize the LA zip code map tool below to figure out your desired travel radius or to list where your space is *Please note the map is only a guide to find zip codes… it is not interactive besides for searching zip codes….for now.
• If you need help getting started gardening, soil testing or looking into pieces of land? Check out our Resources page for a list of links we’ve bookmarked over the years.
• Please keep us posted on any connecting, progress, growing, harvesting you do or any questions you have @ or in Slack.


  • Ryan 91101 (He/him, novice)
  • Ryan 91101 (He/him, novice)
  • Ryan 91101 (He/him, novice)
  • Cesar 90038 (he,she,they, novice)
  • James 90039 (He/Him, novice)
  • Jennifer 90293 (She, novice)
  • Jenna 90048 (novice)
  • Smadar 91343 (She/Her, versed)
  • Taylor 91401 (He/Him, novice)
  • Chantel 90277 (She/her, versed)
  • Victoria 90041 (She/her, versed)
  • Andi 90039 (they/them, novice)
  • Victoria 90041 (She/her, versed)
  • AJ 90401 (They-them, versed)
  • Flora 90240 (She/Her, novice)
  • Emily 90814 (She/her, versed)
  • Dominique 90038 (She/her, novice)
  • Jenna 91367 (novice)
  • Bronwyn 37206 (novice)
  • Elizabeth 90022 ()
  • Siri 91402 (she/her, versed)
  • C. 90026 (versed)
  • Barbara 90027 (She/her, novice)
  • Madeleine 90026 (She/her, novice)
  • Simea 91001 (versed)
  • Susan 90027 (She/her, versed)
  • Leo 90025 (they/he, versed)
  • Katie 90027 (She/Her, novice)
  • Gur 90290 (novice)
  • Nicole 90029 (She/they, novice)


  • Helga 90042 (She/Her, backyard)
  • NICOLLE 91306 (HER/SHE, raised)
  • Benny 90064 (he/him/his, raised)